Waste Recycling and firewood products

We try to recycle all the waste we create on our jobs, our tree waste is chipped where practical, left to mature and then used as woodchip mulch for flowers beds, paths and various other applications.

Where it is practical to remove large sections of tree trunks in one piece from sites we do so, and then pass on this wood for uses as varied as timber frame buildings, fine furniture making and wood carving, when this is not possible the wood is logged and left to season to be processed into firewood.

Please call or email us for availablity and prices.

Logs and woodchip products

Firewood and woodchip mulch products

Name Description
Sesoned Hardwood logs 1 cubic meter bulk bag of split seasoned hardwood.
Sesoned mixed logs 1 cubic meter bulk bag of split seasoned hardwood and softwood.
Woodchip mulch Rotted down woodchip mulch by the tipper truck load or 1 cubic meter bulk bags delivered to your door.
Fresh woodchip Freshly chipped woodchip for applications such as paths by the tipper truck load delivered to your door.

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